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Egyptian Baptist Convention

2020. június 15.

First Bahrain Baptist Church

2020. június 15.

The 2020 EBF Council is to move online…

2020. június 8.
The EBF Executive took the decision to cancel the planned EBF Council meeting in St Petersburg, Russia from 23-26 September 2020 and move it online.

In Memoriam: Knud Wümpelmann

2020. június 2.
The EBF has learned that our beloved brother and former EBF General Secretary, Knud Wümpelmann, passed into the nearer presence of the Lord on 2nd June, 2020. He was aged 97.

Anti-Trafficking Network

2020. június 1.

Swiss Baptist Union

2020. május 25.

EBF TRANSFORM supports the development of younger leaders

2020. május 14.
A few years ago, the European Baptist Federation (EBF) took up the challenge of how to encourage and equip the present generation of younger leaders for future service.

When a Town Comes Together

2020. május 5.
This is a story of an entire town pulling together through hard times with the sole intention to help the needy. The best headline for this example could be “Morovica Joins Together!” because it all started with a Facebook group that was created with this name at the start of the pandemic.

EBF TALKS | Response from Italian Baptist Union

2020. április 27.
Italy has been severely hit by the COVID-19. In times like this Italian Baptist Union (UCEBI: Unione Cristiana Evangelica Battista d'Italia) is taking action to support those in need.

Evangeliska Frikyrkan/InterAct

2020. április 27.

Gospel expansion in Latvia

2020. április 27.
The Baptist Union of Latvia has developed an excellent model for missions and its vision for church planting may be inspiring for others.

Baptist Union of Syria

2020. április 20.

Jordan Baptist Convention

2020. április 20.