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Baptist Union of Syria

2019. április 22.

Jordan Baptist Convention

2019. április 22.

Baptist Union of Croatia

2019. április 15.

Bulgarian Baptists look to the future

2019. március 25.
The Bulgarian Baptist Union held its regular election convention on March 15-16, 2019. Eighty church leaders delegated by almost all local Baptist Churches convened in the town of Kazanlak to accept a report for the past four-year mandate and to vote a new denomination board.

Baptist Union of Latvia

2019. március 18.

Pioneering in Cyprus

2019. március 11.
The Faith Baptist Church in Nicosia got officially registered only 2 years ago and this pioneering congregation is like a missionary training school!

Baptist Union of Czech Republic

2019. március 11.

New Firestarter events for Baptist growth

2019. február 14.
Firestarters is a community of churches, led by the leaders of some of the fastest growing churches in the Baptist Union of Great Britain.

Baptist Union of Great Britain

2019. február 11.

Project:Vienna seeks to be a blessing to the EBF family

2019. február 7.
Project:Vienna, a year long Bible school in Vienna, Austria, and organised by the Austrian Baptist Union, has been in full force the past 6 months. If these months could be described in one word it would be growth: growing in community, growing in friendships, growing in knowledge and growing in faith.

Baptist Union of Austria

2019. február 4.

Multiplication in Albania

2019. február 2.
The Baptist Union of Albania is one of the smallest in Europe but very missions minded, as the existing churches are being multiplied.

Turkish Baptist Alliance

2019. január 28.