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Baptist Mission in Hungary

2017. március 24.
The EBF is partnering with the Baptist Union of Hungary to facilitate several indigenous church planters who regularly deliver reports that include some fascinating stories.

TRANSFORM off to a flying start in Vienna!

2017. március 21.
After many months of preparation, planning and prayer, the EBF Younger Leaders’ Programme TRANSFORM held its first meeting in Vienna, Austria, from 15-18 March. Present in Vienna were six men and five women who had been identified by their Baptist Unions or Conventions in Armenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Lebanon, Turkey and the International Baptist Convention.

In Memoriam: Friends, Colleagues Remember Robert Parham

2017. március 13.
Robert Parham, founder and executive director of Baptist Center for Ethics, died March 5 at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville after a prolonged illness. Friends and colleagues share their reflections on Parham's life, work, legacy and friendship.

Baptist Union of Latvia

2017. március 13.

Alec Gilmore: 'A significant contribution to EBF life'

2017. február 10.
Having been involved with European Baptists and their theological training for several decades, Alec Gilmore recently visited the IBTS Centre in Amsterdam for the first time.

Baptist Union of Great Britain

2017. február 6.

Baptist Union of Austria

2017. január 30.

Youth and Children's Committee

2017. január 23.

Turkish Baptist Alliance

2017. január 16.

Baghdad Baptist Church

2017. január 16.

Dedication to Mission in Moldova

2016. december 29.
There are numerous indigenous leaders that are actively involved in planting new Baptist congregations and some of them have been supported by the EBF. They are exceptionally dedicated and very practical in their ministry.

Baptist Union of Wales

2016. december 19.